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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to do user authentication through LDAP?


Hi! We currently create users directly on the Dynatrace platform, we need to change this for LDAP authentication.

I have already created the connection to the Microsoft AD, but I still can not release the AD user access, how can I do this?

is not working for me

Thanks a lot for the help!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Gabriel, I'm not sure I understand the problem. Are you getting an error message? Or are LDAP users not able to login?

Can you confirm which product you're using, AppMon or Dynatrace? Are you using a Web GUI or a rich desktop client GUI?

If you previously created users manually in AppMon, simply try deleting one of those users and then when they try to login again into AppMon, LDAP will be used to authenticate, and a new user will be automatically created in AppMon for that user with the associated User Group that you defined to be an LDAP group. This assumes you created a User Group in AppMon by selecting a group from the LDAP dialog by using the "Select LDAP Group.." button.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Gabriel,

did you get a 404 on this link Because now it's working.

I have moved your question to the "AppMon & UEM Q&A"-forum.



Hi Joseph! Thanks for the help.

I am using dynatrace through the client. I'm monitoring my app by appmon.

made the LDAP connection to the application, to do this, I followed the
step by step of the link that I sent at the beginning of the question. I tested the connection and received the warning that everything was fine.

But I can not log in with my user "gabriel.almeida" that is registered in the Microsoft AD. This user has never been created within AppMon.

Two ideas:

1) From the AppMon client, if you go into Users->Settings-> Groups, which Group is setup to be the LDAP group? I"ve attached a screenshot of the screen within my system. Do you have a similar group setup?

2) On the Dynatrace Server in the server.0.0.log file, there's likely some messages about why gabriel can't login via LDAP. This log file can also be accessed using the System Information dashlet. Perhaps there's some log messages which will help clarify the problem.