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How to drill more information on Slow PHP Execution?


Hi, for a load test on a Apache+PHP server, I am seeing high execution time for php() execution. But I can't see any cause related to the PHP execution slowness. How to get more slowness casuing details using the PHP sensor configuration. Is it possible. Attaching sample purepath and snapshot.



I don’t have access to computer so I can’t check your files but did you tried cpu sampling? It should give you answer what was on processor during those transactions. This should give you some new view for analysis.


Hi Sebastian, PHP agent does not gives option for CPU sampling. It is grayed out in CPU Sampling dashlet. (I think CPU sampling is only supported in Java and .Net agents).

Ok my bad 🙂 I’ll try to look at those file when I will have computer


As you said, CPU sampling doesn't work for PHP. But this is what I see from autosensor:

I suggest you instrumentation of your own PHP code as wide as possible. Application may be over instrumented what may be reason of some extra overhead but you should be able to see more timing informations about your own code:

You can always try to instrument only those methods you see from autosensor on my screen using this:

You can instrument all code responsible for login, this may help with analysis.



Hi Sebastian, Thanks this is really helpful!

Done 🙂 no problem