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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to drilldown (open) AppMon (dynatrace) client from Splunk UI


I tried procedure described in below link.

And dynatrace data is shown in Splunk, however "Drill down to CompuwareAPM" option is not appear.
How should I do to get "Drill down to CompuwareAPM" option.

----- Environment info. -----
AppMon version : 6.3
Splunk version : 6.4.0
APM with Dynatrace App version : 2.2.4
Both of AppMon and Splunk are installed RHEL6 64bit


Hi Takahiro,

Have you enabled 'Export results via HTTP' and Additional Data PurePath reference' for the business transactions you would like forwarded to Splunk?

The PurePath reference (PurePath ID) is how the transaction level data is located within Dynatrace.