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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to enable UEM on vendor propitiatory Jetty based Web Server?


I have followed the following steps to enable UEM:

1) Installed java agent by configuring the agent path in application's startup file

2) Configured Tier for same in system profile.

3) Post server restart I was able to get all the purepath request from the server.

4) Created a new application under Applications tab

5) Added the application to User Experience tab and enabled UEM

6) Modified the Javascript Agent path & Monitor request path to appropriate values

7) Tried to access https://domainname/directory/dynaTraceMonitor. But the request ended up with http status 404.

Did I miss anything!



I'd try the out of the box tool that's included with the Client first.

1. Click the Start Center

2. Click Deployment Health

3. Click "Check your UEM Configuration"