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How to evaluate the Appmon agents Load on Application servers ?


hi Team,

We have observed high response times with Appmon agents on Web and Application servers. To rule out whether the load caused by Appmon agents we have run test by shutting down the collectors. When we run the test just by stopping collectors we didn't saw any difference in response times.Will it make any difference or we have to disable the agents on Web and Application servers as well to see the difference?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Collectors will have no impact once the applications are actively instrumented with the application. The agents have still modified it and are gathering it even if they have nowhere to send it to - there is a very small amount of buffering as well. To truly test the impact you will need to completely remove the agent and restart your application.



Hello @Mallempati S.

You can do what @James K. suggested to isolate the situation and also have a look on the below documented information.

In the production version overhead can be expected from 1%-20%. The default setting is low for the Production Edition, medium for Pre-Production Edition.

Auto Sensors adjust automatically to ensure they do not incur more overhead than the percentage setting. The amount of detail captured depends on the complexity of the application or environment. You may need to adjust the resolution settings until you see the desired level of detail for a tolerable amount of overhead.

How to reduce overhead in monitored systems?



Mallempati, Some good suggestions have already been posted by Babar and James. Let me clarify however that a healthy and properly tuned AppMon instance would never cause 20%. If you're incurring this level of response time impact then something is not configured correctly, likely additional instrumentation or parameter captures have been created. In this case, follow Babar's suggested link to the overhead reduction Documentation.