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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to export UEM User Action Purepath Level 2 & Level 3 Actions to external system



We want to export the level 2 and level 3 actions from user action purepath along with its tag id and session id to external systems (excel or splunk). Basically the business team wants the user action and its sub-actions (Mobile action and Web Call) in single row in excel.

Please advise me how to do it ?




Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Dynatrace can stream Business Transactions to an external data source such as Splunk. In your case you can create a User Action Based Business Transaction and then add additional measures as split and result measures to get the information your business team wants, e.g: you can split by the sub action URLs by using a Web Request URL Measure ... and so on

Here are some links to the documentation that show you how this feature works - we call it "Real Time Business Transaction Feed"


Hi Andi,

I want to ask a questions regarding this topic. Could you help me please ? Can i export all user actions with the request header values contained in their PurePath details by using "Real Time Business Transaction Feed" you talked about above ? For example;

#User action1; response time; something; something; header_value1;header_value2; ...
#user_action2; response time; something; something; header_value1;header_value2; ...



Best Regards.


We tried Business Transactions Feed to splunk, We see User Actions, Visits and User Actions by Family BT are coming over. However we are missing the User Action Pure path data (Level2 to Level n calls in the stack)

Note : Our application is Native iOS Application

The only option I can think of is to either create a dashboard that contains dashlets such as the Web Request, Methods or DB Dashlet that gives you these details. then query it through REST to capture that data.

the other option is to look at the purepathdetails option for our REST Interface: - that gives you full Server-Side-PurePath details for a certain purepath