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How to filter based on a value in any web request parameter (raw)?



I'd like to know how could I create a measure based on someValue in any web request parameters. I attached a file to ilustrate what I need but it not seems to work (wildcard). Otherwise, is there a way to check it from the raw HTTP text?

Thank you!

. dynatrace-question.png



you need to provide exact parameter name and value can be anything. This will show analyzed data by every different parameter value. e.g.

Thank you for your answer, but its not actually what I need. 🙂


I found one way to do that in java, but I must touch the code. Its gonna be quite painful to do that on a dozen applications:

In a Servlet filter, I could pass the following string to a method, and make a dynatrace sensor points to it. afterwards, I could create a method argument filter, and build a regex to find 'someValue' in the argument.

Is there any way to do the same thing without touching the code?!

String allParams =;

Is it guidewire?

In the past yeah we've done this with custom filter behavior as well and configured the filter in all the servers

Hi Rick! No it's not. Did it work on guidewire? What would be the best solution?

sorry, for dynamic named parameters there is not really a way without doing as you indicated before with the "hook method". I think with Guidewire we identified most of the important ones and captured that way, was hoping to give you a shortcut