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How to filter visits by whether user interacted with DB or not


Hi, I'm looking to filter my visits to show only the users that had PurePaths which made DB calls. I know you can filter on a specific DB call but what about making it more general like users whose PurePaths performed UPDATES and INSERTS or just users who had any DB calls at all.

I tried a business transaction, visit-level, filtered on Database - Execution Count upper threshold 1, and set SQL statement field to empty since I don't want to match on any particular statement but rather all statements. This is not producing any results as of yet which I would have expected to start seeing them by now so I'm thinking this filter does not work. Thanks for any input!


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

It may be silly but try switching the matching to "contains" and de-select the case sensitive checkbox. That's what I usually use when trying to match everything and I see by default those are selected when I try creating one.

One important thing that may be effecting this though is that for visit-based business transactions data will only show up once the visit has ended and is complete. For this reason it often takes longer for data to start showing up in such BTs and you need to make sure you are looking at a long enough timeframe in order to see them start coming in.

To see if your filter is working you can just try and chart that measure to see if anything is showing up. I think the second item noted above is the most likely issue.



Hi @Steve M.,

Your configuration makes sense and I would expect it to work, but you might have been caught by a common trap specific to Visit style BTs.

Consider the following:
- BTs results are assessed once the transaction is complete
- The default timeout for a visit is 30 minutes
- The default timeframe for a dashboard is 30 minutes
- BTs display results based on their start time

Even if you have a bounced visit that took 1 second to load the page, AppMon will then wait for 30 minutes before marking the visit as complete (and then calculating that the visit lasted 1 second). This means that 30m 1s has passed before the BT result is available, which is outside the default 30 minute timeframe for the dashboard.

The solution? Try setting your dashboard to a 1h timeframe and see if you have any data. If not maybe there's a different issue with the BT configuration 😃



Hey James and Andrew, thank you for your suggestions; turns out I just simply didn't wait long enough. I had it configured the same way you had suggested, James (i.e. contains and case insensitive) and the dashboard does need to be a time frame of 1hr+ to show data (visit timeout is 30 mins) as you both suggested. Also charting the filter out separately is a good idea for quick testing of the filter alone. Thank you both!