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How to find out who triggered a manual memory snapshot?


Over the time we have collected lots of memory snapshots on the DT server, some of which were taken manually and marked as "locked" quite some time ago.

As an occasional housekeeping task I would like to be able to identify the user who triggered a manual snapshot to find out if it's still required to be kept online.

However, I can't find a way to do this despite also looking at the server and audit logs.

Are there perhaps other possibilities or is this really not possible as per 6.3?


Hello @Enrico Favretto,

Unfortunately, there is no current feature allowing for the identification of the user that carries out a memory or thread dump. There is a Request for Enhancement (RFE: User Identification on memory and thread dumps). Upvoting this RFE will allow the feature to be added into the platform.

Have a great day!.

Thanks a lot - RFE upvoted!