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How to follow user actions on third-party iframe



On a customer who has Synthetic & Appmon with UEM : we're going to use Appmon with UEM on a portal website which contains many iframe, mostly hosted outside website infrastructure (at partner's location under another domain name).

What we need to get, is the ability to follow user actions on iframe content. Right now, we'll be able to see the initial load of iframe content only.

Is it possible to monitor user actions in the third-party iframe ? We suspect the cross-domain browser isolation would prevent that, but as this would reduce the value of UEM on this particular use case, we need to be absolutely sure of such limitation before we start discussing work-arounds.

Here's the other alternative we've :

  1. Deploy agent on partner's server hosting the iframe content : which can be possible for some partners only and not something that we could do on the short-term
  2. Use the Synthetic to follow performance on iframe websites, but we'll have only the frontal tier

Your advice and suggestions will be welcome.

Thanks & regards


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello Mohammed,

I'm afraid the iframe acts like a totally separate window. You would have to inject the JavaScript Agent into the iframe to see user actions happening in there as well.

Please have a look at this post for more detail.


Thanks Benjamin for your feed-back.

I well understand that getting user actions from an iframe is not possible with standard configuration.

You're talking about injecting JS agent into the iframe, could you tell me more about it.

Thanks & regards

Well, to inject the JS Agent into the iframe, you would have to instrument the web server (or JVM) that serves the iframe - so basically what you described in alernative 1 in your initial post.



We are facing a similar situation. The only different being that the applications in the iFrame are internally hosted so we have the flexibility of instrumenting them with Dynatrace. But before we do that, wanted to know if the user actions will be tracked in a single session and the context will not be lost when the user goes into the iFrame.

Thanks and Regards,


Facing the same problem. I have an iframe in the application and JS Agent injected into that iframe.

However, watching the dynatrace user session - it is not possible to see any user actions inside the frame.

Is there anything I can do to resolve that?