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How to get aggregate value of 2 or more measures



All my concern is on Webservices. For example: I have 2 webservices A & B. And for Webservice A there are calls A1 & A2, For webservice B, B1, B2 & B3 are the calls.

What I want is, Aggregate Response time of webservice A. For which I have created time measure for A1 & A2. But I want combined value of A1 & A2 together.

Same is required for B.

End of the day, I want to see overall of performance trend of Webservices A & B individually.

Please help me with this.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Sangeetha,

Have you tried using the Web UI for dashboards? You can use the 'Text and Measure' tile on the Web UI to create a variable that can add the values of multiple measures. More info on that here ->

Let me know if that helps.



hello Ari.P,thank you:) yeah yeah I know the text and measures tile but there I am getting the aggregate value but I am not getting performance trend on web service. They need trend on web service how it is performing and where it is slow and all?

Ahh ok, this has been heavily discussed before ( and there isn't anything in the product to do that.

However, there is a Plugin that could be the answer. Try this one out ->



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Do A1 & A2 appear in the same call?

same call means ? as per my understanding they are in the different call so how to proceed in this case?


Hi Sangeetha,

This is what I have done for analyzing my application Web Services, probably you can try this starting with the Built in Business transaction named - Web Service by Method

Step 1: I have selected the time frame for 15 days as my application has less Web Services, make sure you are not creating much load on AppMon while you are pulling the data. In the below snapshot analyzed transactions were 48,000, If you start the full analysis you might run out of the memory(AppMon Server). So don't do it, also note this is minimal analysis - I would suggest you to go for the time frame as 7 days (Splitting 15 days to two reports) with full analysis or else for last 72 hours.

a) I have considered these three columns Count, Time[ms] avg and Failed.

For example in my dashboard ProcessTaskAction Webservice Method has max no of Failed% and also even the count is also considerable 135(no of times web service invoked). we have to consider the Time Avg here which is a result of = Time Sum / Count, so if the Time Avg is high for no of web services method count, you can evaluate the reasons from here on by drill down on specific web service.

b) In order to know the failure rate of the specific Webservice --> Select the Webservice and then drill down to the Transaction flow from which you can re-direct to the failure rate.

c) If you click on failed transaction it will point out what errors you have for that count.

Step 2: try with the Response Time hotspots drill down for the webservice which you have found high avg time and more count, because it is one of the webservice which is taking more time in completing, hence users has to wait for this request to complete --> this dashboard projects you the Application Tier level contribution and API contribution of (Wait, CPU, suspension etc., time). If you have any issues with the specific tier, you can get the details from there or else if the issue is with the API same you will get to know.

c) If you click on the API distribution you will further get the details of the execution time which is contributed mostly bu the Lambsoftware

Step 3: Try with the other drill down as well like the Method drill down, Database hotspots etc.,

The above method drill down shows me on of the method is taking more exec time, in this way I can consider the various parameters which is lagging the service performance.


Ravi Kumar Damodharam

Hi Ravi,
Thank you so much for the help and time.
Actually the above explanation is useful for the technical people and they can fine tune the issue by seeing all these.
I wanted to present my application monitoring data in a report kind to the business client so that by seeing that at a glance they could understand how our application working and all.
They need report trend on web services.
How do I proceed in this case?
Please suggest me an idea what kind of dashboards I can present to the client so that he will satisfied with tool for the application monitoring.

Hi Ravi,

If I select "web service by method" I am not seeing any data in that current dashlet.
What is problem in this case ? What I need to do?

It depends on the Time frame as well, may be in your selected time frame there were no web service actions happened on your application. Try with the different time frames.

Hi Ravi,

No Actually every day I will get the web services in web service dashlet so I think it is not time frame matter and I also tried by keeping 15days

please do needful on this query