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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to get the five worst web request by response time


Hi, I'm new here and in the Dynatrace Tool. I need to create a new dashboard with the worst five web request. I tryed to use de web request dashlet, but I'm not been able to configure the dashlet with the required data. Can you help me, please?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Glad you found the answer. I'd like to add a comment though. Be aware that any PurePath-based dashboard that is focusing on low-level things (like worst web request, or worst method...) over a long period of time can put a substantial load on your dynatrace server, since it needs to pull all of that data in for processing. Depending on how active your environment is, pulling in data for the last day (for example) can be a significant amount of data. This can become worse if the dashboard is set on auto-refresh.

Rob, the topX filter can aso cause those substantial loads?

It can, if you try to do this over a large period of time. Basically the server will need to pull all of the PurePath data from that time period in to apply the filters. Perhaps a better way to do it would be to target key web requests (perhaps that includes some that are known to be "bad") and create "measures" for them. Then you can build a chart (or a table) that shows the performance of your key web requests. Once you've built a measure for something, it is stored in aggregate in the Performance Warehouse. You can feel free to trend data or ask questions over large periods of time for that data.


Good explanation. Thanks! Initilly this report is based on a fixed period and it's related with an especific demand. But, certainly those concepts presented are welcome.

My pleasure. Limited-timeframe / episodic use of such a thing should be fine. Generally in my experience though people want to just have an informational dashboard up with the worst web request or method or whatever, and they want that for the past day or week. And to top it off then they set the dashlet to autorefresh every 10 seconds!! 🙂



Hey Raphael.

The easiest way to accomplish this would be to use the Web Requests dashlet with the "TopX" filter applied on web request response time average.

Right click on the Web Requests dashlet, then click on "Edit Filter". Scroll to the right to the "Top X" tab and check the enable box. Then set it to "Top 5", and the criterion to "Web Request Response Time Avg [ms]" from the highest value. This will filter the dashlet to the slowest 5 web requests.

Let me know if that works.

Hi Andrew. Thanks for your answer. That was my solution too. Regards


The best possible approach for this is to use the "business transaction feed" feature and feed your data into Splunk or ELK. This will give you the speed-of-thought capability to query on many dimensions and metrics to find the true answers for any time frame, application, or condition