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How to give two agentpaths and collector names when we need an agent to connect to old and new version of Dynatrace


We are installing Dynatrace version 7.1 and it was done on new server.

The existing version we are useing for monitoring is Dyntrace version 6.3 which is on diffrent server.
Now currently the agents installe din various serevr are connecting to old version of dyntrace.
Now we are installing the new version agent dump in all the servers.
For few days until the new version is working fine we want agents to connect to both the servers.
So can we give "-agentpath:C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 7.0\agent\lib64\dtagent.dll=name=Java_mySystemProfile,collector=localhost" twice with different agentpath and collector name in the config file we are adding this??

If this is not the case then how we should do this scenario?



Hello Praveena,

This is not possible. Why you are installing new agent because lower version can connect to the upper version of the collector and your agents are already greater than 5.6 release. Bootstrapped Agents are upgraded automatically upon restart of the monitored application up to the version of their Collector.

Review the below link for the Component compatibility.



Yes we know this. But now the problem is I need to get data from particular agent to both old and new servers. So I need to give both collector names right? So am asking you how to do it?

Hello Praveena,

As I mentioned before this is not possible because agent can connect to a single collector at a time.



okay thank you.

For some of the agents it is coming like the instrumentation was disabled due to collector is running on low memory even if we are having more memory than required for the setup according to the system requirements.

Why will this happen?

Check the xmx in the collector ini file, just giving the machine more RAM is not enough.