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How to i stop running in debug mode of ios mobile app


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2018-11-21 10:24:45.255905+0000 DynatraceTrial[569:190496] FINECrash[Dynatrace.m:307-771-1] Checking crash reporting state - send crash report flag from DT server = 1

************************ Crash Handler Notice ************************

* App is running in a debugger. Masking out unsafe monitors. *

* This means that most crashes WILL NOT BE RECORDED while debugging! *



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

This is only a note from the crash catcher used in the iOS agent. The iOS agent does not influence if a build is debug or release. This message only points out that the application is running with a debugger attached and that crashes will not be reported by the agent as they are caught by the debugger. Launching with debugger attached is default behaviour when an app is launched from Xcode.

Running the app without a debugger attached is only possible when it is launched from within the Simulator - not by Xcode. For apps launched from Xcode you only have the possibility to "detach" the debugger (Xcode Menu: Debug -> Detach) - but with this you will no longer see the full Xcode console log - when no debugger is attached to the app you don't see anything...