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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to increase dynaTrace server memory



I downloaded Docker dynatrace 6.5 for MAC but while starting it dtcollector is not coming up becasue of memory issue and for dtserver getting below message, can anyone please help out where i can change memory setting, i tried with Setting - > dynatrace Server --> Setting but i m not seeing any place where i edit the memory setting

Memory model not defined (-memory parameter not set), default memory model "demo" will be used

-Xmx512M config setting is not allowed, ignoring this setting

-Xms512M config setting is not allowed, ignoring this setting


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hello, Sujit S.!

For the Dynatrace Server, the memory settings are configured by the sizing you have selected. Those model arguments you have listed on the bottom of your question are for pieces like the Dynatrace Collector and will not work on the dtserver.

Hi @Joshua P.

Thanks for your reply..i would like understand where i can change this memory setting, in my case its by default taking DEMO one. i have enough memory but in dynaTarce its showing only 1GB, I would like to change this memory size. can you suggest me where i need to do required changes.




I assume you are running the DT Server locally on your Mac? What are your computer's specifications?

Yes, running it locally....Attached specifications.


Hmm. I would open a Support Ticket with Dynatrace to see if they can help for this issue as I do not have experience with the Mac Client.

It seems that docker uses only 1GB of your memory. Mybe this link helps: