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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to inject an dynatrace appmon agent into Cold Fusion 10 (windows server)


I know you can inject the agent by modifying <cfhome>/cfusion/bin/jvm.config or add a line in the administrator console for cold fusion. However, my customer said everytime she does either one of these options, the coldfusion application will not start up. How do I inject an agent into her cold fusion java? We are using dynatrace 6.5. We added the following path: :

Now ColdFusion uses java 6 so I did try the 32 but dtagent.dll and still having the same behavior.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

have you looked at the application log if there are any relevant messages in there?

If the application isn't starting at all, most likely the agent library isn't found at startup.

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HI Kina, Did you get this working? I have a customer who has ColdFusion 11 that they want to monitor


Patrick, I looked at the logs on this server and the application will start up fine without dynatrace. It has a problem with adding the agentpath line so I am working with dynatrace support on one fix.

Ruth, if we figure out the problem, I will post the answer for you.

Thank you Kina!

Hi Ruth,

I figured out the problem by doing the following:

1.) First, I installed the dynatrace agent onto the same server as my coldfusion application.

2.) Stopped the Coldfusion server, then located the jvm.configfile: D:\ColdFusion10\jre\jvm.config

3.) Look for the java.args line in this file and add the following at the end be sure to make a space between the previous argument before adding the line below: -agentpath: D:/DynatraceAgent6_5/agent/lib64/dtagent.dll=name=coldfusionjvm,server=mycollectorIP:9998

4.) Then start up the Coldfusion Service and you should see the agent.

Thank you,

Kina Mitchell