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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to integrate/Connect AppMon with Java ? Is there any API/Class to connect AppMon to fetch the Sessions,Batch,CPU, Disk details ?


How to integrate/Connect AppMon with Java ? Is there any API/Class to connect AppMon to fetch the Sessions,Batch,CPU, Disk details ?


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such metrics are available out of the box on monitored host and process level. Here is example of process java metrics related to system performance:

as you can see there are also jvm metrics appserver metrics and further details. If those data that are available out of the box aren't enough for you you can always write your custom plugin. This will push picked by you metrics into further details tab:




Thanks for your response.

As per my understanding, we have to create own custom plugins to connect Dynatrace and

fetch the Sessions,Batch,CPU, Disk details. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Did you checked metrics that are available out of the box in dynatrace? I mean all tabs in jvm process and in hosts?



I am new to this Dyantrace application. i don't have any idea what all out-of-the-box metrics
available and how to check this.

Ok so this is good to know 🙂 Do you have any access to dynatrace environment? Are you able to click through dynatrace interface? Or you are just planning to start monitor of your application with this tool and you are trying to check amount of work needed to do this?


i am able to monitor Sessions,Batch,CPU, Disk details of our application using Dynatrace client 7.0 tool. same way i have to fetch these Sessions,Batch,CPU, Disk details using Java code.

Ok now I understand your point. You've posted your question in wrong category, this one is related to Dynatrace. Solutione you have is Dynatrace Appmon 7.0. These two products are different solutions.

As I understand you want to extract metrics recorded by Dynatrace to your java code, am I right? This tool does not provide any way to extract metrics outside right to your code (according to my knowledge)



Dynatrace and Dynatrace Appmon 7.0 are different ?

is there any separate forums to post my question on Dynatrace Appmon 7.0 integration using java ?

I've just moved your post to the right forum.

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Could anyone help me on this post? Kindly share any sample example java code to connect dynatrace

Hi - Have you installed any agents on the servers that need to be monitored yet?

If you haven't then installing AppMon agents would be a start, this is a link on how to install agents -

Once you have completed this you will have to instrument your application. Here is a link for technology type configuration of the agents, so if you application is just a generic java application, select the java agent configuration or select the appropriate technology type from the list of different configurations available. Link is here :

i have installed Dynatrace client 7.0 tool to monitor Sessions,Batch,CPU, Disk details of our application.

As per my understanding, we have install two agents [AppMon and Java Agents] to connect dynatrace using java. Please correct me if it is wrong.

is there jar/class/API name to connect dynatrace using java code to fetch the Sessions,Batch,CPU, Disk details?

You need to install an agent - typically a java agent for a java application. Once installed (if you follow the first link i mentioned which explains how you install the java agent), you will need to configure your application with an agentpath, typically in the java args which points to the agent (this depends what technology you are dealing with). You can see further details for this configuration in the second link i had shared.

Once configured you will be able to monitor your application and retrieve the metrics you need.

My requirement is to display the monitor UI of given app monitor URL[] on my java web application[].

How we can I get UI of app monitor on my java web application[] without API/class name as these are separate applications?