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How to manually stitch PurePaths


One of my customer's applications uses DCOM to pass messages between the web and app server. Unfortunately this form of messaging is not supported by Dynatrace AppMon and our PurePaths are broken in two.
Here is the ticket this was discovered
I posted an RFE here
Unfortunately there has been no traction on the RFE. If you use DCOM please upvote the RFE so we can get it supported, thanks.

Right now if we're looking at a visit and it indicates a problem there is no way for us to drill down to the app side to figure it out. Is there anything we can do to manually stitch these together? A plugin, the ADK, something? We really need end-to-end view to realize the full value here for this app. Thanks!


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

As you're mentioning COM I guess that you're using .NET agents. If you use something else then the search terms are the same, so have a look at the documentation for, for example, Java.

In short you need to add a bit of code to both the sending and receiving application, and make sure that there is a unique ID which you can pass to the agent to let it know that it is the same PurePath.

.NET documentation on how to pass the unique tag to the agent:

If it is too difficult to implement you can turn to our services organization for aid.