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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to monitor Informatica using AppMon


There is a new opportunity in which I was asked if we could monitor Informatica using AppMon for the queries and the tuning techniques

Please suggest the approach if anyone has already implemented it.



Hi @Vinodh N. ! We tried with Informatica 10/PowerCenter (But with Dynatrace Managed) The only out of the box that we could do was the java tomcats (node and admin console). Most of the app is written in C.

Informatica has a kb for dynatrace about compability:

"Configure the node and admin console with additional options (add the parameters in INFA_JAVA_OPTS) as there are Java based.
Repository Service and Integration Service and sessions are C program
executables and not Java programs so it is not possible to configure
Java options.

Repository service process is 'pmrepagent', integration
service process is 'pmserver' and session process is 'pmdtm'. they have
arguments set programatically and cannot be customized to have
additional custom arguments."

idk if using a custom integration is possible since we didn't go that far.