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How to monitor outgoing web requests from application

I know that Dynatrace monitors incoming web requests per agent/application. My questions is, if it is possible to monitor outgoing web requests fired from the particular application towards another one (sometimes not instrumented with Dynatrace). And if so, then how? Most of our applications run on Java. Thanks



This works out of the box aswell. AppMon monitors all outgoing request, weather they are to an instrumented or uninstrumented host.

If the requests are not shown you should upgrade to the latest fixpack as @Janne O. suggested below.

How can we capture outgoing http request's request and response contents including request params and headers


Try looking in the Purepath of the caller at the details of the request invocation. There you'll see some details about the request. AppMon does not capture the response payload by default as that is usually very large, however it does capture the Response Status.

Additional Request Headers and Parameters and Response Headers can be captured by creating a new Measure. Look in the Web Request group of measure types.

Request/Response sizes are not captured automatically, however this can be enabled in the Java Web Services sensor Properties dialog.

We are really struggling here with that. As outgoing requests, we do not see 😞 Don't you know where might be some missconfiguration or what might be missing? I have two applications, one is using rest interface to communicate with the other one. I created a web request time measure and select there only my agent/application. Yet the measure does not gather any data 😞 If I filter it in the web requests dashlet, I can see them, but only on the side of the receiving application.


I'm actually struggling with that currently.
In 6.3 it was working perfectly. Web Request were monitoring both incoming and outgoing requests and I could chart both.
I've upgraded to 7.1 and although I can see the outgoing endpoints in the pure paths all the outgoing web request measures are not recording any data and my outgoing web request dashboard have lost all data since the upgrade.

You should install the latest updatepack if you are using the 7.1 version. We also had the same issue earlier when the 7.1 came out.

JLT-216898 - External calls within a PurePath (e.g., web requests to resources which are not monitored by AppMon) are not detected for some edge cases.


Hi Vaclav,

I have dynatrace 7.1 and would like to know how to monitor incoming messages @Vaclav S.

Hector, you're responding to a thread that's 10 months old and you're asking a new question. You might have better response to post a new thread. And please clarify what you mean by 'incoming messages'. What type of messages? What technology? Thanks for the new thread.

will do.

Thank you Joe 🙂