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How to put "PurePath Response Time devided by x" in a dashboard


We offer webservices that work for 1 or more employees.
Via an argument on a java method we know the number of employees for a particular service.

Since the response time depends on the number of employees for a particular service, I'd like to show the 'purepath response time' devided by the number of employees.

How this this be done with Dynatrace?


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Dirk

Here is a thought - you could give this a Try:

Create a Business Transaction that filters on the "Invocation Count >= 1 of this method" and then splits by the "Count of Employees" by using a Method Argument Measure.

This BT therefore contains all PurePaths that have a call to that method and then splits on the # of Employees. That allows you to chart the Response Time of that method per # of Employees. You could put this on a stacked percent bar chart and you easily see the distribution of response time split by # of employees. You could also create a Rate Measure selecting Response Time and # of Employees as the base and fraction measure

Hope this works - let me know

Hi Andi,

Thank you for the feedback.
Unfortunately no clear overview on the 'purepath response time' per employee.

The stacked percent bar shows the distribution of response time per # of employee, but it does not show where the 'purepath response time' per employee get abnormal values.

The rate measure shows 'Please adapt chart source settings' in the dashboard, even after filtering on more than 1 employee.

Best regards


unfortunately i am out of ideas on this one 😞