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How to reduce number of WebLogic method measure count?


Have Dynatrace attached to a WebLogic server (12.1.2.x). Working fine but am losing some PurePaths due to measure limit. The measure limit is 10k but sometimes default monitored WebLogic methods take up more than half the limit in transactions I've reviewed. WebLogic classes and methods below. Don't really add value so don't need them included. Tried to exclude them as part of a sensor group but that didn't work. Then I saw that it appears I need to hack the WebLogic sensor to get rid of them. Has to be something I'm missing. Any help would be appreciated.$



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion


Another approach is to use the Methods dashlet to see how many method invocations are coming from each namespace (weblogic.* for example) and compare to the response time contribution of those namespaces. If the response time is trivial, and the invocation count is high, you might want to consider unplacing the entire associated sensor. I see the .run() methods and that makes me think this is coming from a subclass of which is included thru the Executor Tagging sensor.

If you try to exclude the specific method, be sure to use a "Global Exclude" rule. This can be done by editing the rule and selecting from the Place pulldown. This ensures the exclude applies even when another sensor rule includes that class.