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How to reduce purepath length and skipped purepath



I need to find out how to reduce purepath length so that I can decrease skipped purepath and lost data. Current value of purepath length is around 9000 to 10000,and that of skipped purepath is around 3000 to 4000.

Based on other questions, I tried to set JDBC sensor properties and make max SQL capture length 256, but it doesn't seem to reduce them.

And I don't think I can remove other custom sensors either..

So here are my questions.

1. Is there other way to reduce purepath length?

Or can I reduce skipped purepath without decreasing pureparh length?

2. Can I figure out which systems or agents mainly influence on overflowing purepaths?

There are 277 agents connected to this server, and if I can find out which system influenced, it is easier to handle it.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Kisu,

the best way to reduce purepath length is to reduce the number of placed sensors. 9k is too long. Try to find out which sort of sensor causes most of the nodes (JDBC? Threading? Custom sensor?). If it's a custom sensor, prevent wildcard instrumentation. If it's JDBC, enable JDBC aggregation.

Apart from that, to increase the throughput of the server could mean to increase the sizing category. Often a server starts out with a certain number of agents and works fine, but more and more agents get added and the sizing category doesn't fit anymore. Try to increase the sizing up to the limit of your hardware.

Hope that helps, best regards,


Actually, when it comes to sizing category, the memory that dynatrace is using is not that huge. I installed dynatrace as xxLarge, so dynatrace can occupy 80GB out of total hardware size, 96GB. And dynatrace is usually using around 30GB.

It helps to enable JDBC aggregation. The setting was to enable capturing binding values and the length was too long. Thanks 🙂

Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Kisu,

Another useful way to reduce purepath length is to identify which methods are contributing, if you open the methods dashlet and sort by count, you can see the most invoked methods, and by drilling into purepaths from the individual method, you can see it in your transactions.

If these are not important methods, likely they are called hundreds or thousands of times repeatedly, you can implement a global exclusion and an agent restart is needed to have the changes take effect.

Also, the max purepath length is 10,000, so they will be stopped there by default.

Hope this helps, thanks!



Fill in the details...

Yes, but it's hard to find out to tell which method is important becasue there are so many different solutions used by each system. Also, it's hard to restart agents from about 200 agents that other employees are operating. Next time, it's going to be important to set methods properly before installing agents.