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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to report performance for specific users set

Hi All

I was asked create a dashboard in UEM reporting performance for specific set of users.

Unfortunately the only classification /filter I can provide is visit tag.

Can someone help me to create a report or dashboard that represent the performance of a specific user set based on visit tag


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Girish,

If you do not have number of users (just to avoid the business transaction explosion) then you can create a custom sensors to capture the user ID/IP Address to use inside the business transaction as splitting results.

Create a visit side business transaction and use the Visit Count (Visits) as a filter and the custom sensor in the Split Results.

Plot a dashboard/dashlet and filter/split the required data of business transaction.



Hi Barbar,

I do have the user ID (visit tag). Is it possible to provide me the steps. I am finding hard to plot this dashboard please

Hello Girish,

Below is the example of business transaction.

  1. Create a Visit business transaction
  2. Add the filter Visit Count (Visits) Note: Best practice is to create a custom measure to use in the business transaction instead of using the default one. You will have to provide the Upper Severe value 1.0 for the filter measure.
  3. Add your visit tag measure in the split results
  4. Once data collection will be started then you can use the same business transaction in the dashboard/dashlet to Split Results.



Thankyou for the steps babar.

A quick question. Is this in UEM or Appmon? Because I could not see visit based BT in UEM.visit-bt.png

UEM is a piece of AppMon that does the client side reporting. To make a visit based BT you just select the "visit" radio button in a the business transaction configuration which causes the transaction to evaluate at the visit level as opposed to the PurePath level (user action level is also an option).

Thankyou Babar

I created the BT. But unable to find out where I can provide Visit Tag Info to pull the report for specific users. The filter and Spvisit-bt1.pnglittings in your screen shot are custom ?

Not Babar but yes those are certainly custom. They'll be unique to your application so there are no preexisting ones you can use. To split by user name you'll need to capture the value of the username somewhere (possibly via a header/cookie value or using a custom sensor to get it at the code level) and then create the measure off of that value and use it in the bt.

Thankyou James

Hey James

I created a measure (below snapshot) and added this into split options for a BT. With value as blank, i am getting the visits by all users. If i want specific user set, lets say User.Acc1 and User.Acc2, should I add these two into value and leave the match to contains?

I don't think contains will let you put two values in, it would interpret it as one string. You may need to create some simple regex that would match any of the usernames you're interested in and use the regex option.