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How to search purepaths for multiple splittings at once?

I have a business transaction where I search for a particular splitting to narrow down the purepaths.

Now the problem is I have a huge list of splittings to search for and want to generate a consolidated report.


If you see the attachment under column splitting there is "INS_WORKITEM" .

I could search for this INS_WORKITEM and get the report generated but I have a huge list of splittings like that.Is there any other way where I can narrow down the purepaths for multiple splittings.Also, I like to know if there is a simplified way to achieve this instead of searching for each splitting, get the report and finally consolidating all the reports.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If I understood correctly, you probably can do:

  1. Add the Business Transaction Hotspot dashlet to a new dashboard;
  2. Select the filter of the Business Transaction Hotspot/Dashboard, and scroll to the right tabs until you find Business Transaction:
  3. Click New, and then you're able to select one BT with multiple splittings:

  4. You can repeat the process whether you need more than one BT.

Let me know if that solves your problem by accepting this answer 🙂


Gabriel C,

I followed the steps mentioned above but I don't see any data(purepaths) but when searching same via existing business transaction I get data(purepaths)


Hi Vamshi,

maybe the 5 Splittings you selected
did not have any data within the last 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the
filter sections will give you a selection of splittings, which have
been seen once (at some time, as they are read from the performance
warehouse). So if you select certain splittings:

  • make sure that the context (e.g. last 30 minutes) fits to that selection
  • or select a longer/other timeframe where those splittings would be present

Best regards

To add what Dennis said,

Do you have these BTs to be stored at Performance Warehouse?
If you don't you have to use the BT dashlet instead of the BT Hotspot dashlet.