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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to setup a rate measure correctly


We have a usecase where some messages enter and leave a queue over certain methods.

I want to check if the rate of entering and leaving the queue matches. But it seems, that the rate measure only shows 100% all the time. I set it up with the base-measure counting the messages leaving the queue and the fraction measure counting the messages entering the queue. I also tried to switch base and fraction (In case my english is too bad 😉 ) but still it only shows 100% (well I understand it in that case).

Plotting the measures separately shows that the rate shouldn't be at 100%:


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I was just making some dashboards with this, I believe you need to set the aggregation to "sum." This worked for me and I was able to create two "rates" where their total added up to 100 so I am pretty confident in it. Anything other than sum provided results that I'm sure make sense in some sense but weren't what would be useful.

Also note that these rate "measures" are useful for visualization but the way they are actually implemented is by calculating the two measures everytime it is charted instead of actually creating a new measure and this matters because any incidents based on rate measures simply won't work. Just an FYI in case you were considering that.


Hi @James K.

THank you very much, that did the trick.

But if those measure do not work for incidents then they aren't useful for my usecase anyway...



Glad I noted that then - there's no indication that they won't work when you set them up so it would probably have led to some wasted troubleshooting time.