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How to shorten startup of application (huge classes) with AppMon agent

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Is there good ways to shorten startup time of application
with AppMon agent.

The application has 160,000 classes and the startup of
application takes 18mins without AppMon agent.

The customer is demanding to make startup of app with AppMon agent finish 20mins.

We already optimized by deleting unnecessary patterns in
sensor packs, excluding unnecessary classes, disabling stacktrace but still far
away from 20 mins.



Hello @Aoki H., were you able to find out a solution for this? If so, could you please post what your solution was. This is interesting and I would really like to know how you solve this. If you have not found a solution yet, i would recommend opening a support ticket and seeing if Dynatrace support could help with this.


For this topic, the support ticket SUPDT-44350 is created.