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How to show addition of two measures in meter chart?

Is there any way to show sum of two or more measures in single meter chart?


Will I able to show these two added measures in two different colour?

What i want is, Two measure should display in Meter chart like stack bar chart (one over the other) and addition of those two measure.


Try to understand your question, you want to have the stacked bar option into a meter chart?

I'am not aware of stacking measures into the meter chart, why can't you use the stacked bar chart for this?


May be this can be a workaround (although i just should use the stacked bar graph)

Create a graph, choose the meter option, add three measures: measure A, measure B, and measure C obtained from the measure math plugin (=A+B).

Then you will see your existant measures with next to them the "stacked sum measure".



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

FYI - here is a realted RFE you should look at:



@Andreas G. can this be planned for future release? I need to create measure for X=A-B and alert is X is > 0.

What is the use case or the requirement of such kind of chart can you pl. elaborate?