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How to split argument from method with multiple parameters?


Hi Dynatrace Experts,

I have a method that has a multiple parameter called sendWithAwsV4signing(...). Inside the argument, there is a string variable called eventType, I would like to split for Business Transaction.

sendWithAwsV4signing(java.lang.String payload, java.lang.String eventType, java.lang.String variableString, java.lang.Long value, int sendTimes, java.lang.Long messageId, java.lang.Long origin_timestamp, java.lang.String createByProcess, java.lang.Long vehicleId)

I created an argument sensor as below

Based on the measurement, my business transaction is set up as such.

However, the splitting does not return the value. I have another similar argument measurement that split with one argument working without problem.

Is there something I miss when configuring the measure to look for the second string variable in the method?





Could you a screenshot of the measure/BT or an exported session. Without more info it is hard to give an answer.

Hi Patrick,

I upload the split argument, business transaction screenshot. Please let me know if you can spot anything wrong.




Looks like the screenshots could not be just copied and pasted.





In splittingmethodargument.jpg, there is a method I used to create the argument value measure. The second argument called eventType is what I chose. Once created, I set up a BT that would split the graph based on the event type.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Ronald,

The Business Transaction looks like it was set up correctly. I would recommend adding a 1 value to the Upper Threshold seen at the bottom of your eventtypes-argumentsplitmeasure.jpg screenshot, just in case as this is normally what I do when creating BTs.

Additionally, you may want to check your sensor configuration for sendWithAwsV4signing and provide a screenshot of this. It's possible that the argument value is not showing up because the wrong argument (or no argument) is being captured.

Keep in mind that after sensor configuration has been modified, the changes won't take place until the service that is being monitored by the agent is restarted. This could be the case if your sensor configuration for this method is set up properly.

Here's the click path.

System Profile > Sensors > Select the correct method > ensure that the appropriate arg is checked.