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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to store data for atleast 3 months in dynatrace


Hi Team,

Eventhough we have given 300GB of disk space to store the data it is not even holding 20 days of data. Is there anyway to store atleast 3months of purepath data in any format and how can we restore it back when it is necessary.





Retention time is based on first in first out. The more traffic the shorter your generic "retention". You can export sessions (pick a time slice) off to another storage location, or increase your storage. We find our sweet spot Is around 2.5TB and that gives us around 12-15 days. Please keep in mind that every purepath dashlet you use will suffer performance degradation the larger the session you're analyzing. So the more purepaths you store, the worse your client will behave to the point of unusable. Good luck on finding the right settings for you.

Thanks David. If I export the sessions and keep it aside. Then how can I get use of that data when ever required i.e., how to open that session and see the data I require.

There's a great video in the apm university about sessions. here's the link:

If you haven't had the chance browse through some of the other videos that may shed light on other functions you might have been wondering about. Dynatrace puts a lot of effort into making some quality education materials.

Thanks David. But I could not find anything related to my question in this video. Hope you will explain me regarding the question I have asked you. @David J.

Hi Praveena, The session storage (actual PurePaths) depends upon the production traffic ie. purepath data generated. More the data more the session storage will be required. If this is insuffience you need to re-size your production storage. Look here.

Also, I guess 2TB is soft limit on the practical usage of session. You should also consider your requirements with respect to Performance Warehouse data.