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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

How to track web request through User Action PurePath




Issue description:

Our product detail page,

The following content is retrieved through Endeca Search Engine. The server doesn't contain the dtagent.

We are not seeing above web request in all the product details pages.

It is coming up only in very few requests.

We would like to track and measure the performance of this request through "User Action Purepaths" in all product detail pages.

What would be the best approach?. Do we have to enable the Java Web Request sensor in Apache agent group? If yes, will it overload the data capture in Dynatrace.

Please share your thoughts.

Attached the below images for reference

1.Apache Sensor Placement.png

2.cmscontent request.png [User Action purepath having

3.userexperience config.png [Contains user experience configuration of the profile]

Note: In some cases, it is considered as Third Party request. Attached the image for details. [cmscontent considered as third party.png].




There is no further instrumentation you can do, short of putting an agent on Endeca.

The Java Web Request sensor won't do anything in the Apache agent group, as it is not Java-based. The likelihood is either (a) those requests are hitting an endpoint that is not in your Apache agent group or (b) (more likely, if I understand your "It is coming up only in very few requests" comment), it is often being served by cache on a CDN

Hope that helps,

Rick B


Thanks Rick B.