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How to use a web requests - header value as time in incidents?


Hello all,

I created a web requests -header value measure for a URI with a threshold as 1 number. I want to create a incident with this measure but in incident measure I want to use a threshold as time in ms.

Can someone please tell me how can I do that?




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I imagine you would need to define a business transaction for this since any measure that supports headers really only considers counts of occurrences not response times. So I would take the measure you have and leave the threshold as 1 then place it as the filter measure in a BT. Then you can set your threshold for time on the business transaction response time which should be the same as the request time if it is the entry point for the relevant PurePaths.


I created a BT now and I selected as purepath response time with threshold in ms. This should give me the desired alert when that particular URI exceeds that upper threshold right?

If the header is on the entry point web request (the one that shows up as the start of the PurePath and whose name should be used for the PurePath) then yes the response time and thresholds should be what you are looking for.

Thanks James. I created a incident based on this. Probably I am expecting some email alerts.

I'd recommend making a chart of the BT response time you can watch for a while as you validate the configuration as well.

I defined threshold as 0.99ms in all incident measures of BT purepath response time.

I see in graph all the purepath response times are higher than 0.99ms but it didn't trigger any email. Does it mean my configuration wrong?



The heatmap is showing an open incident, can you check the incidents dashlet to see if there is an active incident for this already? Also, emails are configured independently so it is possible that will need to be checked as well.

Yes there is already incident configured with all same URI's but it is not sending any emails so I created all web request header values again and I added them to new incident.
Old incident:- DYNT_0700

New incident:- GTM Test Rajani


There are two open incidents for that new incident, one at 10:59 and one at 12:16. So the incident does look like it is being created and I would look at your incident actions configuration - perhaps smart alerting is checked or something like that. Smart alerting means it won't send emails for new incidents until old occurrences are right clicked -> confirmed in the client.

But Smart alerting is not enabled for this incident.

Here's what you can do. Assuming you're using the standard email action and have verified that the address entered is correct and no smart alerting is enabled, as configured it looks like the incident will trigger pretty quickly so you'll need to either confirm or delete the open incidents since no new incidents will occur while there is one already open. When these old ones are cleared the new incidents will open and it should try to send the email. If you do not receive one check the incidents dashlet and make sure that a new incident was created - if a new one was created and you did not receive and email you would need to make sure there is no issue sending the email by sending a verification email from the server settings and/or checking the server.0.0.log to see if some error is generated.

I don't know what order you configured this and added the email actions or anything like that but if a new incident is opened with the email action configured I expect you will get the alerts.

Just got an email for this Incident. I think there are no issues in receiving emails.I will better wait for more time and see if it triggers more incidents and emails.