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How to use the AppMon Agent without switching the agent platform?


Is it possible to install and activate the AppMon Agent (mainly Java in our case) without relying on the Classic Agent connectivity over port 9998 for
performing the agent platform switch remotely via the client?

If so how? I.e. would it suffice to switch the agent platform for the agent group and configure the server parameter to use port 8042/8043 (instead of 9998) on the agent?



I have also tried to find a solution for this but wasn't able to.

To the best of my knowledge there is still no way to directly use the new platform. You have to use the classic agent and switch.

Thanks for the feedback - appreciated. So far I made the same experience, too, but I was secretly hoping for some workaround as some of our setups only allow HTTPS/TLS connections between agent and collector.


Got a confirmation from support that this is currently not possible due to a dependency of the AppMon agent on the classic bootstrap agent and an improvement is not on the current roadmap. Too bad 😞

Therefore, everybody please vote for this RFE: