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How to validate / find correct Method sensor rules in AppMon 7.2 with used classes and methods



does anyone have a quick way to identify or validate the necessary used classes and methods that we can implement into our Method sensor rules with AppMon? In our case, every time a method gets changed the AppMon administration doesn't get to know it every time and now i am looking for a solution that this doesn't happen anymore.

Thanks in advance.




Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


The AppMon default sensors automatically instrument all standard components (Web Handlers, JDBC drivers, EJB Sensors, Message handlers, etc). When application response time is excessive in other 'non-standard' classes.methods, AppMon automatically captures the relevant methods using Auto-sensors. So under most conditions defining additional method sensors is not necessary.

In addition to the default and auto sensor rules, you'll notice in the purepaths that the full call stack is visible, even when performance metrics are not collected for every method in the call stack. This helps understand the full call stack particularly for problematic call trees. This can be one way to 'find' additional areas for manual sensor rules.

Even when additional manual sensor rules are deemed to be needed, the CPU sampler is yet another way to find the hidden nuggets of a call tree. The CPU Sampler is most needed for transactions that aren't otherwise part of a purepath. This is critical when you're trying to define the entry point of a purepath.

So while it shouldn't be necessary to define additional sensor rules, there are several techniques available to help determine the right methods/classes.