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I am new to Dynatrace & have very less hands on experience ( restricted access at work place ) but still would like to explore it. Would it be advisable to go for the Associate level certification ?



Hi @Ashish R., I would definitely recommend taking the Associate level certification. Dynatrace has very useful material in their university website ( and their youtube channel ( The university website has an exam blueprint in the certifications section that will tell you how the exam is going to look like and marks breakdown etc. Also, the website has sample quiz/ examination like questions that you can take to see if you need more practice.

Lastly, if you have a chance take the vILT course. The instructors are very experienced and they will cover all the material you will need to know for the exam. Also, if i am not mistaken the cost of the course will cover an exam attempt as well.

All the best !!


Thanks a lot , Rohith !
Appreciate your reply.


Hello @Ashish R. , As you mentioned that you have restricted access at workplace , I will suggest you to download the appmon 30 days trial license and get hands on.

Post 30 days period , dynatrace will extend that license to your lifetime personal license and you may use it for more hands on.

To learn Dynatrace SAAS , you can register for 15 days trial for hands on experience.

You can perform hands on along with your reading on dynatrace university (mentioned by rohith) to help you clear the associate level certification in a better way.

You also need to explore which associate certification you want to go for out of available 4 : SAAS/Managed , Appmon , DCRUM , Synthetic.


Himanshu Mor

Thanks for the reply , Himanshu !
I am looking for appmon expertise , hence would download that 🙂

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Ashish, As Himanshu mentioned, it's best to determine which product component you're looking to gain Associates level knowledge and certification. If you are still an AppMon customer, then this might make sense, but otherwise if you're a Dynatrace customer, then I would not bother with AppMon/DCRUM nor the Synthetic certification, but only focus on the Dynatrace certification. You posted this to the AppMon forum, but let's verify if that's really the product you're currently using and expect to be using in the next year.

Preparing for the Associates test is a very good way to push your knowledge level and ensure you've learned about all the product features. Be sure to read the Blueprint for the test you intend to take, which will provide a good understanding of the material you need to know for the test.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes , I am looking for the appmon expertise. 🙂

Demo environment, Educational materials from the website, Instructor-led training and specialized projects on YouTube should help you in grasping the basics.