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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

I don't see interactions between FrontEnd and BackEnd server


Hi all,

I am working on performance analysis and I am missing the interactions between Back-End (Server1) and Front-End (Server2) Server (see on the picture below). The agents are started and enabled on both of the server (and all their instances) and we can see all other interactions, but not the mentioned one.

I took a look into agent log files and it seems that everything is fine (it is the same as the logs from another server which interactions I can see in the view).

Does anyone have an idea what should I check or where should I take a look?

Dynatrace versions

  • Client version:
  • Server version:

Thanks for all inputs 😉



@Petar P. From the description and the diagram i can see is there is no requests passing through between these servers. There might be servaral reasons.

1. the services running inside the server 1 might be the native code application which does not have purepath capture facility from the agent version 6.5. try upgrading and see.

2. if you have a load balancer between these servers there might be chances that all the requests are going to one server that you mentioned as you see the requests coming to that server.

3. You might need to go to the profile settings and enable the purepath capturing for the particular technology which your application is designed. example , jms, mq etc. sometimes if its disabled in the profile settings, you will not see the transaction view.

If you can share more details about your application and the technology used. i can think of more possiblities.

Thanks and Regards


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

In addition to what Srini said, another common cause for this pattern is that the request header tag that's added by AppMon in Server1 outbound web requests is being stripped off before the request gets to Server2. This can be confirmed/absolved by inspecting the outbound requests from Server1 and verifying there is a Dynatrace tag (X-dynatrace) on the outbound request, then inspect the incoming requests on Server2 and see if the same Dynatrace header (X-dynatrace) still exist. Perhaps a network security component is removing the header which can be resolved by adding X-dynatrace to an include list.