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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

I have only granted "Use System profile in Dynatrace web" is it possible to prevent users from creating web dashboard by setting permission

The main idea of trying to prevent users create new dashboard is because

If I had two users and create two different business transactions , so each of their webdashlet items are filtered according to their specific business transactions measurements. But when if one of them try creating another dashboard using the web interface , as measurement suggestions both business transaction results are available .which is not confidential , So right now I have only two options either stop users from creating new dashboard Or filter the measurements list , Any suggestion on how to overcome this situation


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Sajidh, What about developing a naming convention for measures, BTs, Dashboards, where the name defines what it is used for, or perhaps the group/department for which the object is intended to be used.
I don't believe you really accomplish your goal by limiting who can create objects, all you accomplish is limiting the usefulness of Dynatrace.

However perhaps the following permissions might give you some further control which could be helpful.

Manage Business Transactions: Limits who can modify BTs.

Hi , thank you for the opinion , but what if I create a web dashboard for a external group ,while viewing the dashboard they could still create a new dashboard using the business transaction measurements which are created for other dashboards

Hi Sajidh,

please consider my answer above. You'll be able to prevent users from creating web dashboards in 7.0

Best, Peter

Hi Sajidh,

we are currently working on this. Based on permissions you will be able to create a user group that can only view web dashboards, and not create any. You will also be able to optionally prevent the System profile and App to be changed on a shared dashboard. Doe this support your usecase? This functionality will be available in 7.0.