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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

I need to be alerted when a specific FS is almost full on a specific host



I need to be alerted when a specific FileSystem is almost full on a specific host. I do not care about other FS and other hosts.

So I created a custom measure, based on "Disk Storage Utilization", but I can not set thresholds only for one FS and/or one host. These information do exist, but they are splittings, not filters.

Anyway, I set a threshold on my global measure. But even in the incident rule that I creted based on my custom measure, I can not find any fields to filter by FS and/or hosts.

Finally, I considered the infrastructure "Disk unhealthy" basic incidents. All the information are here, but I can not set up a specific alert.

e.g.: "Host Disk Unhealthy - The hard disk health of host '' is not ok. The following disks have less than 3% and less than 1 GB usable space left: /var/log".

Have you already experienced this issue?


Hi Clément,

How are you sending out this alert? If via email I would suggest looking into the Extended Email Action Plugin which allows you to filter by Host and by any part of the incident message (e.g. file system).

Hi Markie,

Indeed, I use mail alerting. So I tried the Extended Email Action Plugin and I already like it!

I dont understand all the fields (it seems that the online documentation does not match), but I used a regular expression based on the incident message. As this message states the host and the FileSystem, my alerting is ready to go!

Thanks for your help.