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I think a specific user agent is being automatically filtered out from purepaths, how can I change that?


Our application does an http request for a webservice call. For some reason DynaTrace doesn't seem to be picking this up as a PurePath. We suspect, since its not a normal user in a browser, the traffic may be filtered out because of its user agent (User-Agent =
WCMHelper-ProxyReader)? Is there a way to make sure that this user agent is not being filtered out?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hm, I think all I can add is I don't think there is anywhere that will be excluding non "normal" browser user agents or anything. We commonly see agents from systems and such. There is a UEM configuration to exlude UEM from bots and spiders which is based on the user-agents but this doesn't affect server side PurePath capture. This leads me to think it might be some other issue.

One thing that might help is if you can build a BT split on user agents to see what you are capturing. Assuming you can see the user-agent in the headers in the details of your web requests you can make a server side BT (not stored in the PW due to the large number of splits that are likely) and create a measure like the following as the split measure:

This may make it easier to investigate,


Thanks for the response! After creating the split, I'm still not seeing this user-agent show up with the transactions I'm looking for. DT must not be picking these transactions up for a different reason.