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IBM Integration Bus not seeing purepaths


We have just now brought a new Broker and EG into AppMon. I can see the EG connecting in the AgentsOverview and also see the Events count rising, but I'm not seeing PurePaths. I've enabled the IIB agent for other EGs in the past, but it's been a little while. I've found the documentation for installing/setting up the Broker and EG, and confirmed we followed all the steps. I can't find anything that tells you how to configure the AgentGroup. I'm assuming I must be missing a sensor or something (I copied/pasted one of my existing IIB AgentGroups, but maybe I'm missing something). This particular EG gets it's traffic via MQ driven transactions (vs http traffic). I've selected the MQ receive entry point and the MQ Series sensors and set the MQ Series to "active and start purepaths." Anyone have any other ideas?



sometimes the purepath starts upstream !?


Thanks for the thought. I filtered by the iib agent we just enabled and looked for PurePaths in last 24 hours...nothing showed up. 😕 I did end up opening a support ticket...we'll see what happens. I see this in the documentation:

Supported protocols

Tagging requests is supported for the following protocols / node types:

  • HTTP: on the node types HTTPInput, HTTPReply, HTTPRequest, SOAPInput, SOAPReply, SOAPRequest
  • JMS: on the node types JMSInput, JMSOutput, JMSReply, MQInput, and MQOutput
  • MQ: on the node types MQInput and MQOutput. Currently MQ tagging is only supported within the IBM Integration Bus Agent. Only MQ messages that are put into a queue by IBM Integration Bus and are read by IBM Integration Bus are tagged.

I'm wondering if that last note about mq only being tagged if iib is putting the message on the queue is the problem...i'm pretty sure it's either a WAS JVM putting the message on the queue or we're manually putting messages on the queue via another tool. I'm doubting iib is actually putting the message on the queue. grrrr


Hello @Melissa H.

AppMon provides the capability to follow transactions through WebSphere MQ queue managers. You don't need to instrument the queue manager with a separate Sensor or Agent ‐ as is the case with other messaging. You just have to make sure the application that PUTs and the application that GETs are both instrumented by an Agent that supports MQ tagging.

The Settings > Dynatrace Server > MQ Tagging settings specify what information should be used to identify WebSphere MQ messages.

You can enable the DEBUG Client Mode with the Ctrl+Shift+F9 to view all the available MQ tagging configuration.

Have a look in the below link for more insight.