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IBM WebSphere Performance Tuning Toolkit (PTT) like Metrics and Dashboard

Hello All,

We are doing a Proof of concept for WAS 8.5 based application and

client is interested to have Performance Tuning Toolkit (PTT) like metrics with Dynatrace.

Here is the snapshot of such dashboard


Metrics are displayed for each instance. Some metrics I found in Dynatrace and I am excluding few

I am considering feasibility for following metrics :

Servlet Response Time     

Servlet Throughput       

JDBC Response Time        

JDBC Throughput

Servlet Error

JDBC Connection Timeout

Transaction Timeout

Transactions Rolledback

Session Number


I would like to know what corresponding Metrics should I use to make a consolidate Dynatrace Dashboard.

Any help is much appreciated.





Are these metrics – the ones on the IBM dashboard – exposed by JMX?  If so, you could collect them in Dynatrace using the "Custom JMX" measure.  Note that there's a JMX browser built in to the measure, so you can connect to an agent and take a look around at which JMX measures WebSphere makes available.

-- Graeme