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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

IBM WebSphere: Very High CPU usage for Class Loading and Class Loading Leak Analysis?

Hello There, Has anyone faced issue or have tuning experience with IBM WebSphere taking tremendous amount of CPU for Class Loading related APIs?

PFB snapshot of purepath.


Here is the snapshot.

I dont find the snapshot

Hello, So I looked here (Class Loader Leak Analysis using Javacore), here (DT Blog - Class Loading Issue) and here(Javacore File).

But Unfortunately the Client is using combination of Hotspot VM instead of IBM JVM with WAS 8.5.

So It seems I will not get javacore file to analyze the class loader using JCA tool.

Is there alternative to do class loader leak analysis for HotSpot VM?

Regards, Rajesh

Hello @Andreas G.

I found your class loading issue here at DT Blog. I am not able to plot two charts you mentioned in the Blog Article.

I was wondering what JMX Metric you have used to plot the below charts:

Are these:

1. ClassLoading-LoadedClassCount or ClassLoading-TotalLoadedClassCount - which one?

2. ClassLoading-UnloadedClassCount?

Another query I have is how to find out the list of of classes being loaded (except from +verbose:/class) from DYNATRACE as you recommend to use custom sensor in DT. How do I know which method to put sensors on?

They decided to turn on some verbose logging in the JVM to get a list of
classes. It is also a good option but I would almost recommend using
the Dynatrace Custom Sensor.

Pl. help.

Regards, Rajesh