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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

IIB - IBM Integration Bus instrumentation: custom sensors/External service API ignored

Dynatrace Organizer
Dynatrace Organizer

Hi team,

I'm on customer site (6.3 environment), having some problems dealing with IIB IBM integration Bus, in particular when defining method sensors that also represents External Service API calls (CICS calls, ODM, etc). Being practically a native agent, is there a specific way to add a sensor, that I'm not aware of? Because for now, the rules defined are ignored.

During the installation the agent has been placed in a specific Execution Group, so not in the Message Broker, as reported here:

Here are my questions:

- is the native agent able to receive and apply method sensor rules via GUI, defined manually? (manually because the normal approach that involves the class browser is not accessible) see screenshots attached.

- can such rules be defined with patterns like "" contains: ".ExecServiceName" ""? Because this is a common part of the transactions I'd like to see as External API, and it would avoid to define a rule for each single call. Yu can check the "manual sensor definition" screenshot.

- is the native agent able to also tag an executed method as an External Service API call? This way, the different calls to CICS, ODM, etc will appear in the Transaction Flow.

- if not, is the only option going low to code level and do what the method sensor rule does from the GUI? (this would, of course, not be the best approach for the customer)

Note: Checked in the deployed sensor, the methods are shown. Also after adding the rule, I have restarted the Dynatrace Server , but nothing changed.

Note2: I'm adding a session and a couple of screenshots

What should be the best approach in this case?

Thanks a lot, and feel free to ask for more data if you need.






Hi Valerio,

I'm sure you figured this out by now, but for others' sake, custom instrumentation is not possible as you noted since it's basically native

Rick B