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IIB Publish Subscribe Flows



We are monitoring an IIB server with "publish/subscribe" flows. We currently see the "Publish" flow and the "Subscribe" flow as separate PurePaths in AppMon.

Should these be correlated together into a single PurePath?
If this is not the default behaviour, is there anyway to correlate these two PurePaths together, or have them show as a single PurePath in AppMon?

Best regards


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Henry,

we can follow messages through IIB (formerly Websphere MQ or MQSeries).
The "subscribe" path is separate from the publish flow, though: by subscribing you just notify the publishing system that you would like to get certain messages.
These messages are then published by the publishing system and picked up in an onMessage by the subscribing system (this is what we can connect).
You may have to configure a Receive Entry Point as described in

I've done it before and it worked wonderfully.

As a last resort you could also use the Tagging ADK, but I think that shouldn't be necessary for IIB.

Hi Benjamin,
Thanks for your response. In our case, for the "subscribe" flow, IIB is actually taking the data and writing that into a database, so there is no onward client system for us to instrument in this case.

What we do have is two seperate PurePaths for each flow. One for message received by IIB ending with a ".Publish()" node. Then a seperate node for the subscribed flow which writes this message into a database.

In your answer are you suggesting that these two flows must always be separate PurePaths and cannot be linked together?