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IIS 7.5 monitoring


Hi all,

I want to monitor one IIS 7.5 application with dynatrace, I've 7 sites and foreach site one application pool in the same IIS instance. Each application pools have your own worker (w3wp.exe process)

I need only 1 web server license for the web server and 1 .NET license for all application pools or I need one license foreach application pool (total 7 .NET licenses)?

What is better, configure one IIS module in general or configure one IIS module foreach site?

Thanks in advance!


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Joseph

You will need 1 .NET WOSI license as .NET Agents are licensed by windows operating system instance (WOSI). You do however need 7 web server agents if you also want to monitor the native part of IIS.

I still prefer the "configure the module per Web Site". Why? Becuase you can choose whether you load a 32 or 64bit module -> that depends on your AppPool setting on whether you actdually run 32 and 64bit. it also allows you to easily turn on/off support for individual websites and not just do it all or nothing for the whole IIS


Thanks Andreas!

If I understand correctly I need one web server license foreach site? Also if I configure the module globally foreach site? My customer only has one webserver license for each IIS...

can I inject the UEM without monitoring the webserver as in a Java application?

Correct. You need one web server license for each instance of the module that gets loaded. If you configure it globally for IIS one instance of the web server agent will be loaded into EVERY website - in your case that means you have 7 web server agents active that need a license.

Unlike Java you need an IIS Web Server Agent to get UEM to work.

I want to correct my previous statement based on the posting from Kurt Aigner on this same question. For IIS we only consume 1 web server agent license per IIS instance. This is aligned with the way we license .NET Agents where we also only charge one .NET WOSI License per Windows Box

Sorry for my initial wrong response!


Hi @Andreas Grabner,

I have tested this on a local installation and does not seem to require a license for each site defined in one IIS, I will try to explain that:

1.- I've a demo license with only 2 web servers:

2.- I've four demo sites in my local IIS:

3.- I see the four agents connected and with license ok in my Dynatrace console:

so, it seems that with a single license I can monitor my four sites. It seems that only requires one license per IIS (regardless the number of sites) not one license foreach site defined defined inside each IIS, I'm right?

That's key because my custemos had a lot of sites inside each IIS installation.

Thanks for all!

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Josep,

Sorry for the late answer on this.

Yes your observation is correct. For IIS we consume one Web Server license per master agent.


Thanks Kurt for the clarification! I was wrong in my initial response to this question!

Thanks Andy and Kurt!

Best regards


@Daniel D., Can we have the licensing documentation updated to reflect this?

Thanks for pointing this out Markie. I'll get the doc updated asap.


Hi ,

But how we can configure those sites .Or How i can selet particular site for example say i only want demo 1 and demo 2

Hello Rishab,

The Web Server Agent for IIS is a module. It is registered with IIS automatically during installation. To enable it for your web sites, you have to tell IIS to load the module.

Check the following link for how to enable the module on a specific site.