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IIS Performance Monitor plugin not getting any metrics


Yesterday, we
installed an IIS Performance Monitor plugin. The task is not able to get IIS
metrics from any server. We have tried multiple servers. Here is the error message.

to get Value (Object: Processor, Instance: _Total, Counter: Interrupts/sec).
Please check if the host is reachable and the requested Performance Counter is
available. Detailed error message: Unable to access the desired computer or
service. Check the permissions and authentication of the log service or
the interactive user session against those on the computer or service
being monitored.

We are fairly certain the issue is not communication between the collector and the monitored server. What other troubleshooting steps are there that we could take?



Hey Steve

I saw this in the comments for the plugin. Please try the steps below and let me know if it works for you.

  • "In a Workgroup, you need to create an account, which is part of the Performance Monitor Users group, on both the Collector and IIS server which you want to monitor, then assign that user account as the Logon account under Services for the dynaTrace Collector service. Make sure you use the exact same username and password on both machines! For domains, best is to use a domain user account i.e. a domain service account and ensure this user is part of the Performance Monitor Users group on the local IIS machine, to allow it access to the PerfMon counters, as well as the dT Collector and assign this user as the Logon account for the Collector service. Remember to restart the Collector once the change to the Logon has been assigned!" -

Hope This Helps


Thanks NJ,

I will investigate this, definitely sounds like a probable cause.



If the Monitoring collector is on a Windows server, we can assign the user as the logon account for the collector service. We have plans to move all of our Windows collectors to Readhat Linux platform in a few months. We are concerned that it might create complexity since Redhad does not actually operate on Active Directory accounts.

Could you please advise?