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Identify specific transactions in hybris



We have a hybris environment and want to have the ability to identify specific transactions.

Most of the transactions are using the same url and it is not possible to identify transactions by the url. We checked the header/query/cookie values, but couldnt find any page id or something like that, which would be different for different pages, but the same for the same page for different users.

We are also using UEM, but the user actions are also not really unique to every action.

Any advice would be helpful.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Have you tried capturing some HTTP POST Parameters and see if any of these parameters uniquely identify your request? An alternative would be to instrument specific backend handler methods that would tell you which page request it is. I am not that familiar with the internals of hybris but I would assume some internal event handler interfaces or classes will tell you what you are actually executing. Based on that you could then create Business Transactions that filter on the existance of certain backend handler methods.

I also encourage you to look into the hybris fastpack that reinhard built. Maybe you get some ideas from his fastpack on how to differentiate the different use cases in hybris: