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Identifying user IDs - Create a Measure that gets value from SAMSL response


Hi there,

My project team uses Dynatrace 7.0 (2017 May Appmon release) to monitor our application. Recently SSO platform has been changed from Siteminder to CorpSSO. First one was able to send an attribute in HTTP header that enabled Dynatrace to indentify user IDs thanks to a Measure of type "web request header value". This measure is set as Visit tag in System Profile -> User Experience, which enabled Dynatrace to show user IDs in Visits dashlet.

Nevertheless, now our application makes use of SAML2 protocol and CorpSSO does not send HTTP Header but a post request containing a SAML assertion sent to our SP's SAML endpoint. This SAMLResponse (XML format) contains user information.

Anyone knows if there is any way to create a Measure that indentifies SAMLResponse parameters? If so, can you explain how to do that?

Many thanks in advance for your help.