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If I unpatch a previously patched HP LoadRunnerScript, then modify it again, and patch it again. Would it....cause trouble to the Timer Name?

Hear me out before you felt confused by my question.

Anyway, before the action of unpatch-modify-patch again, hear's what I see in tagged web request:

After they unpatch it, then do some modification on their script, and patch again, here's what I get:

The timer name(first column) seems to be repeated or appended. Is this expected? Or I am missing out on some configuration? Or there is really something's going wrong?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Are you able to capture one of those requests in some way to see if that is actually how the timer name header is being created now? As far as I'm aware it will just use that timer name directly, my first thought would be to check that after changes occurred on the LoadRunner side.