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Importing Web Dashboards


Hi Community,

I exported a web dashboard from our 6.5 environment in test to add in our production environment and am seeing the below message when I import the dashboard into production. I also get the same message exporting a dashboard from production into test. Both environments are on the latest fixpack and the dashboards were created in 6.5.

The dashboards actually imported and you can see thus after closing the message and refreshing.

Has anybody seen this before? Known bug or problem?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


I've not seen that before. A support archive would be helpful to support team if you want to open a support ticket. Always good to have someone dig into these issues and make sure we get it squashed if it's a bug. If you're interested, you might inspect the server.0.0.log to see if there's any indication as to why this was generated.

Thanks, Joseph. Nothing stood out in the log. I will get a case opened up with support

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

I've seen this before in the very early days of 6.5. I think this was fixed with one of the early updates we delivered for 6.5. Are you on the latest 6.5.x?

Hi Andi, yes on Do you have more information about the fix?

Thats a very recent version. is it possible that you are in web client debug mode and this is just coming up in that mode? if not - i suggest to open a ticket

As Andi mentioned, please create a support ticket.